About Jeanne Brown

Jean Margaret Young Brown was born near Rochester, NY in 1932. She grew up in Ohio, Italy, New Jersey and the D.C. area. She earned a B.A. degree in sociology from Oberlin College (1954), Master of Laws in criminology/juvenile delinquency from the University of Singapore (1962), and Master of Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University (1992).

Jeanne married an agrarian economics professor whose work took them between 1956 and 1993 to Tennessee, Singapore, Texas, Peru, Iowa, Rome, Indonesia and Pakistan. She readily adapted to challenging situations. In each, she was soon spearheading efforts to improve educational, law enforcement and prison systems, working on approaches that helped youth and women offenders to have better futures, and to avoid crime and drug abuse in the first place.

Her Newport Task Force Years

Jeanne Brown’s roles in the Task Force began in 1994. They continued right up until she passed in 2011. She served as Chairperson for seven years, and then was Task Force Secretary. She helped oversee a Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) grant and also contributed to many conferences in support of the community work.

Jeanne’s style was non-confrontational; she blended dedication and hard work with perky spirit and good sense of humor. She had a knack for bringing out the best of diverse talents, personalities and agency styles. She had genuine love and respect for those in Newport who are trying in various ways to prevent the damage of drugs in a person’s life. This award that was named after her reflects that spirit.

The Jeanne Brown Community Service Award

In establishing this award, we honor each time a community member who is an unsung leader in substance abuse prevention, especially among youth. We seek candidates who have carried prevention efforts beyond job descriptions or usual civic roles. For instance, a nominee may be a person who is generating fuller awareness of substance abuse dangers and of ways to avoid the pitfalls; or who is keeping the lights on for a program beyond regular school hours to provide safe space and constructive influences; or who has generated progressive changes in school-counseling, law-enforcement or judicial systems. A person receiving the award will have made contributions that the community can later look back on as unique and of enduring value.

Past Award Winners

  • 2016 | Jeanne Brown award - David Roderick -past chair of NSAPTF , Former mayor of the City of Newport
  • 2014 | Jeanne Brown award - Becky Farnum- Librarian
  • 2013 | Jeanne Brown award - Jessica Walsh- Women’s Resource Center of Newport, Director of Prevention
  • 2011 | Jeanne Brown award - Kevin Parsnage
  • 2010 | Community service award - Sondra Gold, Youth to Youth supporter
  • 2009 | Community Service award -David Carlin
  • 2008 | Community Service award -Jill Pfitzenmayer
  • 2007 | Community Service award - Richard H. Niejadlik
  • 2006 | Community Service award - Ray D. Davis 
  • 2005 | Community service award - Jeanne Brown
  • 2003 | Community service award- Ret. Col. Peter J. Boiani
  • 2001 | Community service award - Judy Hambleton, Coleman Center Director
  • 1999 | Community service award - Mr. Dillion- Principal Sheffield, Debbie Winthrop, post grad committee head