Who Are We?

The Newport Prevention Coalition (NPC), originally known as the Newport Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force, is an all-volunteer board tasked with substance abuse prevention in the City of Newport. NPC is funded by federal grants and Rhode Island State Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH). We work with different sectors of the community to develop strategies for addressing local problems. The Coalition strives to build a healthier community in which the use of substances will be reduced through
healthy alternatives and activities.

Our Objectives

Our work will engage and develop the whole person on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The holistic approach gives more responsibility to the individual for their own well- being and healthy decision making. The role of the NPC is to support healthy environments at work, school, in our communities and neighborhoods as well as connections with family and friends.

The Newport Prevention Coalition will:

  • Develop a broad awareness campaign promoting a healthy, positive environment and engaged community

  • Develop strong ties with engaged parents and support healthy decisions

  • Support local enforcement of laws and ordinances the help prevention youth substance use

  • Cultivate youth leadership throughout the City of Newport including the Boys and Girls Club; Rogers SADD group; the MET school; Saturday Club of the Newport Housing Authority

  • Provide monetary support of youth activities and organizations that support youth voice, and conduct outreach, needs assessments and trainings

NPC Membership – Join In!

The NPC is a community based coalition comprised of individuals representing various public and private sectors of the Newport community. These sectors include: law enforcement, youth, religious or fraternal organizations, media, schools, parents, civic or volunteer organizations, local businesses, youth serving organizations, organizations involved in reducing substance abuse, health care facilities, state and local governmental agencies, and other interested citizens. MEMBERSHIP OF THE NPC IS OPEN TO ANY PERSON WHO WORKS OR LIVES IN NEWPORT, and we encourage all residents to join our movement. Without the community’s support our organization would not be as successful. Join now!

History of the Newport Substance Abuse Prevention
Task Force

In July of 1987, Elsie Goodrum, the substance abuse prevention coordinator for New Visions, recognized the seriousness of the substance abuse problem in Newport. She organized the Community Task Force, a diverse group of community leaders ready to solve the
problem locally.

This Task Force received a grant from the Governor’s Justice Commission, United Way and URI to develop and implement strategies for reducing the rates of substance abuse and alcohol use in the Newport Community, and to understand causes.

On November 18th 1987, by a resolution of the City of Newport, the Community Task Force was designated as the agency to coordinate an approach to substance abuse prevention in Newport. (Resolution of the Council No. 90-87)

Over the past thirty years, the Task Force has…

  • Brought external funding into the City

  • 10 years honoring community leadership through the Jeanne Brown award

  • Collected data around student substance use

  • Overall, 29 years of substance abuse prevention

  • 15 years of student scholarships

  • Provided funding to local organizations

Funders & Partners


Marco T. Camacho - Chair

Sara Meirowitz - Vice Chair

Dr. Sandra J. Flowers -

David Roderick -

Elizabeth Fuerte -

Lisa Ruth -


Lauren Desantis - Grant Manager

James Day - Youth Programs Facilitator

Colleen Powers - NPC Coordinator

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